DFR021 “OUR REALITY” Ep by Cosmood // OUT NOW

DFR021 - COSMOOD cover DEF

Defora Records proudly presents “Our Reality” the debut EP by dj/producer Cosmood (DFR021). Born in the Italian alps area, his passion for music started at a very young age with a special interest for disco and electronic music. In 2016 he founded together with Andrea Lanzi, the Astoria Alpine Club parties. Cosmood musical style is an elegant blend of deep and micro house, well represented in his first EP featuring 2 original tracks plus a Deep Tech remix by label founder MANIPOLATO. Always Good Vibes with a Hard Twist!

Buy it here:
Traxsource > https://goo.gl/wvjF4Q
Beatport > https://goo.gl/BzVMDV
Junodownload > https://goo.gl/UQzAa7
iTunes > https://goo.gl/TLJveU
DjTunes > https://goo.gl/mrHqF4
Trackitdown > https://goo.gl/RVsiYD

Stream it here:
Spotify > https://goo.gl/RqNdsC
Soundcloud > https://goo.gl/PWkdBj
Youtube > https://goo.gl/KwiE2v

DFR020 “WEEKEND VERDE” Ep by Sakdat & Balaur // OUT NOW

DFR020 Sakdat & Balaur EP 1

Defora Records presents “Weekend Verde” the new EP by sakdat & balaur. This talented duo was formed in early 2016 in Roman, Romania. After years of solo experience in music production and DJing , they joined forces and started making music together for the pleasure of many underground music lovers. With the support of other rising talents in the romanian minimal scene and around the globe, their sound keeps evolving into an innovative blend of deep, minimal, dub and techno. Sakdat & Balaur’s debut EP on the label includes 3 amazing original tracks that perfectly represent their unique style. Always Good Vibes with a Hard Twist!

Buy it here:
Traxsource > https://goo.gl/yyzsYa
Beatport > https://goo.gl/9yCg86
Junodownload > https://goo.gl/YZVsuD
iTunes > https://goo.gl/9dVCiG
DjTunes > https://goo.gl/ANzBMk
Trackitdown > https://goo.gl/GePKtf

Stream it here:
Spotify > https://goo.gl/1kaiA4
Soundcloud > https://goo.gl/yx7Rsf
Youtube > https://goo.gl/DVb7K4