The name Eponymous is a wordplay and it means giving one’s name to something, so he chose it as a tongue in cheek nod to artists taking names. Musically, he also likes to give some nods here and there, having a very broad range of influences. Born as Petter Karlström he grew up near Gothenburg, where independent music of all kinds has always had a strong foothold. This exposed him to everything from post-punk and new wave to electro-acoustic and experimental music. But what really caught his interest was the way that early techno from Detroit and Berlin seemed to combine the DIY-attitude of punk with electro-acoustic experiments that were also danceable. He’s currently based in Stockholm and for Eponymous techno still represents an anything-goes attitude. His debut EP on the label includes 3 outstanding original tracks that perfectly describe his unique sonic universe.


DFR060 – Liminal Nation EP
DFR077 – Recurrence EP

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