Defora Records presents “Forgotten Aesthetics” the debut EP by Romanian producer CSR. He discovered the minimal sound in his first year of college and not much later he got his hands on a pair of headphones that covered much more of the frequency spectrum than the standard model. This opened up a whole new dimension to the music he already knew and he was so intrigued that shortly after he began to learn the craft of producing in the studio. CSR’s musical influences are rooted in diverse genres from deep to tech-house and his music is a unique blend of hypnotic layers, minimal grooves and intricate beats. His superb debut EP includes 3 original tracks, delivering the perfect introduction to this new talented artist and to his elegant sonic universe. Always Good Vibes with a Hard Twist!

RELEASE DATE: May 29th 2020


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Copyright 2020 Defora Records

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Forgotten Aesthetics EP by CSR (DFR053)

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