Goldfisch is an electronic music producer from Brest, France. His musical journey began humbly in 2012, when he first started using a DAW. Two years later, he played his first DJ gigs in Brittany with the collective TBD. After a season in the UK, exploring new musical horizons, he moved to Berlin in 2016, which greatly enriched his style thanks to fortunate encounters and hundreds of hours spent in the city’s best clubs. At the beginning of 2020 he started building his first modular synth that perfectly slotted in among his other musical toys – synths, sequencers and drum machines. Goldfisch refined his style to attain a subtle mixture of minimal and house, garnished with a hint of disco. His passion for science and science-fiction can be heard as alien sounds emerge in beeps and glitches, forming an integral part of his sound palette.


DFR066 – Galactic Avenue EP

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