AVIKAL (aka Simone Pugliese) is a dj/producer from Milan. He started his dj career as the resident for several iconic parties in the Milan club scene like ODD, Top Town, Scream Kollektiv, A Dose of, The Garden. Trough the years he established himself as a dj with a solid reputation, also playing international gigs in Ibiza, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Zurich and Berlin just to mention a few. In 2016 he starts to work in the studio at his own productions, Avikal first official release is the remix for Ricky Leo’s “Apple Gate” co-produced with Defora Records’ founder Manipolato and released on Spades/We Move. In 2017, Avikal & Manipolato debut EP “Life on the Run” was released on Defora Records. Their second EP together “Ukaru” was just released in April 2018 by Shamana Records.


DFR011 – Life on the run EP

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