J-CO (aka Jim Coleman) has been composing and releasing music for over 30 years. Coleman was an integral member of the seminal “post-industrial” band Cop Shoot Cop. Since then he has released solo work and remixes as Phylr and as Jim Coleman. Notable collaborations include Here (with noted Italian composer Teho Teardo), Baby Zizanie (with J.G. Thirlwell), The Children (with members of Swans and Barkmarket), and Birdthrower (with Robbie O Leaver). Coleman has scored numerous feature films and television series and one offs, working with directors Todd Philips, Hal Hartley, Richard Kern, and Beth B. J-CO first met Latino Pellegrini (aka Manipolato) in the 1990’s when he was brought on to compose the score for Toast of the Gods, a feature film by Pellegrini. Jim and Latino also played some shows together as Phylr around the same time.


DFR015 – No More Fear EP
DFR014 – Moon Landing (J-CO Remix) by Diesel FX
DFR016 – Bad Vibes (J-CO Remix) by Manipolato

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