JOSIP PETROV Croatian born in mid-nineties, he started his music journey at a very young age. Power of the music and sound system, different influences like Truncate, Nathan Coles, Eddie Richards, Terry Francis, Derrick May, iO (Mulen) etc. left on him indelible impression which led him to the DJ booth. After a few years of DJing, in 2015. he was the resident of “Opium Club”. He continues his career playing as a resident DJ in “The Bunny Club” alongside Mariano Mateljan, Marina Karamarko just to name few. In 2016 he feels an irresistible attraction for music production and he starts to produce his first beats. Josip participated in Klubska Scena takeover, on the fifteenth anniversary of one of the most influential electronic music portals in Croatia. Always fueled by a desire to perpetuate the culture that changed his life, Josip is the one to keep your ears on.


DFR037 – Confusion EP
DFR027 – People EP

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Josip Petrov


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