Defora Records presents “Making a Move” the new EP by Romanian producer Firesc. Born in Bucharest as Florin Constantinescu, he has always been attracted to electronic music and in 2015 he started to DJ in the local party scene. His passion and understanding about music grew very fast to the point that he wanted to make people feel through music what words can’t often express, so he decided to get busy in the studio with his own production. Inspired by artists such as Ricardo Villalobos and Cezar, he constantly perfects his producer’s skills trying to make each track sound different while developing his own unique blend of minimal, organic and deep elements. Firesc’s debut EP on the label features 3 original tracks that are the perfect introduction to his sonic universe. Always Good Vibes with a Hard Twist!

RELEASE DATE: July 10th 2020


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Copyright 2020 Defora Records

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Making a Move EP by Firesc DFR056

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