MANIPOLATO (aka Latino Pellegrini) is an Italian DJ/Producer, musician, filmmaker and the founder of Defora Records. Active as a DJ since the late 90’s in the New York club scene, he was one founder member of the infamous Lower East Side crew “A65” together with Greg Oreck (Thugfucker). Manipolato’s debut EP “Medications” was released only on vinyl by Red Menace Records in 2003, including a dope remix by Gus Gus. His eclectic discography is also filled with collaborations under various names (So Not/Sombre/Playboy Romania/Bassline Junkies/DZ Love/Morris & Sommer/Filer) and lots of remixes for many artists such as Elisa, AlleyO with Anna Cavazos, Cony La Greca, Ricky Leo, Righeira, Sloe, Craig & Grant Gordon, J-CO, Diesel FX, Fedorf, DZ Love, Cosmood, Twenty Twelve, Anaid, Murvin Jay and Sound Shapes. Behind the decks Manipolato delivers a unique blend of Techno, Minimal, Deep Tech, House and Old School Grooves. Currently based in Milan, Manipolato is an active figure in the Italian club scene (Wood Vibes, ODD, A Dose of, Telescope, 65mq, Port Royal, Scream Kollektiv, The Garden, Naked Mind, Mood) and he continues to produce and to perform in clubs and festivals worldwide.


DFR059 – Take Your Time EP
DFR041 – The Dark Side of White EP
DFR026 – Tonight EP
DFR002 – Silver EP
DFR004 – Proud to Be EP
DFR006 – Never Forget EP
DFR008 – Moonlight EP
DFR016 – Vibes EP
DFR011 – Life on the run EP
AMALAB049 – I don’t like Human Beings EP
SHAMANA004 – Ukaru EP
RMR019 – Medications EP


DFR001 – Please (Manipolato Remix) by Morris & Sommer
DFR003 – Suck my Baby (Manipolato Remix) by DZ Love
DFR007 – Only Love (Manipolato Remix) by DZ Love
DFR012 – Arial (Manipolato Remix) by Sound Shapes
DFR014 – Moon Landing (Manipolato Remix) by Diesel FX
DFR015 – No More Fear (Manipolato Remix) by J-CO
DFR018 – MUS (Manipolato Remix) by Murvin Jay & Deniz Johnson
DFR018 – MUS (Murvin Jay & Manipolato Mix) by Murvin Jay & Deniz Johnson
DFR021 – Athame (Manipolato Remix) by Cosmood
DFR022 – Pray for us (Manipolato Ritual Remix) by Anaid
DFR031 – Neural (Manipolato Remix) by Fedorf
DFR055 – Renaissance (Manipolato Remix) by Cony La Greca
SHAMANA003 – Erevan (Manipolato Remix) by Sound Shapes
SHAMANA003 – Omaha (Manipolato Remix) by Sound Shapes
AMALAB044 – Senor Escobar (Manipolato Remix) by Craig & Grant Gordon
YYR109 – Back (Manipolato Defora Remix) by Anna Cavazos, Alley O
SPGG013X – Apple Gate (Manipolato & Simone Pugliese Remix) by Ricky Leo
RMR006 – The Cool Rebellion (A65 “Evil Rebellion” Mix) by Twenty Twelve
Sugar Music – L’anima vola (So Not Remix) by Elisa

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