NHERD aka Angelescu Mihai Daniel is a romanian producer from Bucharest, Romania. His first contact with electronic music began at the age of 15 and from that moment his only goal was to be a deejay, later at the age of 19 he had his first gig at a small bar and after a while he started his own project SOUNDHOUSE, a concept party where everybody could feel like at home. The project ended in 2015 and NHERD started his own ascension with a new style of music based on the new wave of underground music from Bucharest. In the latest years he has managed to get some collaborations with labels such as Unfelde Records, Binaural Arts, Conceptual Records. Recently he began a strong collaboration with producer CGeorge and together they started a new project known as Peculiar that focuses on the future sounds from Bucharest.


DFR024 – Enhance Connections EP

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