Defora Records presents “Sirens” the new EP by producer Goodboy James. At the root of all good pieces of music, there is a groove. A beat that sets canvas for other musical elements to take part over, this is a known fact by NYC based artist Goodboy James, and is reflective in all of his work. Growing up a percussionist and bassist in the northeastern USA, James Rhodes is extremely driven by the rhythmic and natural sounds the universe provides. If you catch him in the park at 5 in the morning recording birds, its because that’s exactly what the djembe pattern he recorded the night before was asking for. A dash of rhythm, pinch of bass, and a shake of curiosity — Treat with electricity and you get a good boy, Goodboy James. Let’s welcome onboard this talented artists with his new EP, featuring 4 original tracks. Always Good Vibes with a Hard Twist!

RELEASE DATE March 12th 2021


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Copyright 2021 Defora Records

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Sirens EP by Goodboy James DFR067

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