“No More Fear” EP by J-CO // OUT NOW

NO MORE FEAR by J-CO (DFR015)Defora Records proudly presents NO MORE FEAR (DFR015) the debut EP from producer J-CO (aka Jim Coleman). Jim has been composing and releasing music for over 30 years, during the 90’s he was an integral member of the NYC seminal “post-industrial” cult band Cop Shoot Cop. Since then he has worked as a composer for feature films and he has released solo work and remixes as Phylr and Jim Coleman. The J-CO project is Jim’s new adventure into Techno & Tech-House with an elegant dark touch. The EP includes 2 unique original tracks featuring hunting vocals by Donna Lynch & Micheline Van Hautem. A talented bunch of remixers joined forces to spice things up, including Berlin icon Benjamin Fehr, LUCA DOOBIE, Diesel Fx, S.O.M.B.R.E. and label founder MANIPOLATO.

Get your digital copy here:

Always Good Vibes with a Hard Twist!


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