APRIL COMES EP by Lotech/Hijack DFR061 // OUT NOW

Defora Records presents “April Comes” the new EP by Canadian DJ/producer Lotech/Hijack. Dave Karwowski hails from the city of Kitchener, Ontario Canada. Having been interested in odd/quirky music since childhood with soundtracks from sci-fi and B-movies as his early influences, Dave began DJ’ing in 1991 after being exposed to early house and techno. He has had the pleasure of playing on the same bill as many international techno artists over the years. Beginning production in the early 2000’s, his style changed from harder techno towards a deeper sound. After discovering the ideas expressed by the titans of dub techno, he shifted his production to dub techno and ambient. Settling on the moniker of Lotech/Hijack, a constant search for a unique sound within dub techno has been at the heart of his production. Something for the dance-floor that can also be appreciated in a listening environment. His debut EP on the label features 3 amazing original tracks, something special for those who want a deep, groovy and immersive sound to get lost… Always Good Vibes with a Hard Twist!

RELEASE DATE: Septrember 28th 2020


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Copyright 2020 Defora Records


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