Manipolato Dose 2MANIPOLATO (aka Latino Pellegrini) is a DJ/Producer, musician and the founder of Defora Records. Active as a DJ since the late 90's in the New York club scene, he was also the founder member of the lower east side crew "A65" with Greg Oreck (Thugfucker). Manipolato's first EP Medications was released on vinyl by Red Menace Records in 2003, with a dope remix by Gus Gus. His discography is also filled with collaborations under various names (So Not/Sombre/Bassline Junkies/DZ Love/Filer) and remixes for artist such as Elisa, AlleyO with Anna Cavazos, Ricky LeoMÖRRIS & SÖMMER,  DZ Love and Sound Shapes. Behind the decks Manipolato delivers a unique blend of Techno, Deep House, Tech House and Old School Grooves. Currently based in Milan, Manipolato is an active figure in the local club scene (A Dose of/Telescope/65MQ/ODD/Port Royal/Scream Kollektiv/Naked Mind/Mood) as he continues to produce and to perform in clubs worldwide.



J-CO_1J-CO  (aka Jim Coleman) has been composing and releasing music for over 30 years. Coleman was an integral member of the seminal "post-industrial" band Cop Shoot Cop. Since then he has released solo work and remixes as Phylr and as Jim Coleman. Notable collaborations include Here (with noted Italian composer Teho Teardo), Baby Zizanie (with J.G. Thirlwell), The Children (with members of Swans and Barkmarket), and Birdthrower (with Robbie O Leaver). Coleman has scored numerous feature films and television series and one offs, working with directors Todd Philips, Hal Hartley, Richard Kern, and Beth B. J-CO first met Latino Pellegrini (aka Manipolato) in the 1990's when he was brought on to compose the score for Toast of the Gods, a feature film by Pellegrini. Jim and Latino also played some shows together as Phylr around the same time.



Murvin Jay by Jon Verhoeft-4 copyDJ Producer Murvin Jay has rocked the dance crowds with eclectic musical mixes from his African and European roots. He started with the Belgian club Vaudeville in 1993. Becoming Resident DJ at Mirano - Dirty Dancing from 1996 to 2006, mesmerizing his audience with his soul percussive hypnotic sets. From Brussels to Ibiza via Paris , Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest or Kazakhstan he has played in many clubs and festivals around the globe… Murvin Jay has been active on the scene for over two decades and shared decks with Local Heroes DJ’s & Carl Craig, Ricardo Villalobos, Kerri Chandler, Osunlade, Stacey Pullen, Green Velvet, Felix Da Housecat, Martin Büttrich, Karotte, Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, to name a few. Co-founder of Bamboola Prod label in 2004, they released “Goodtime EP” under their Bamboola prod moniker, from which the Mugwump remix was heavily charted by Sven Vath and became a Cocoon anthem in Ibiza. Few years later Murvin Jay hooked up with Detroit’s Alton Miller (Serious Grooves, Fragile, Moods & Grooves) and Boddhi Satva to create the deep house gem, 'Let the music flow' which was a huge seller at soulful London vinyl mecca, Vinyl Junkies. In June 2014, Murvin Jay signed a fresh EP " Phone & Smoke" on BlackWallRecord. Two original mix and his incredible remix of the legendary 90's Hit " Quadrophonia ». His partner, Curtis Zeki joined him in this great project to produce an exclusive deep house track "SuperVlieg". To end this Murvin proudly presents a complete Hard Twist EP «  MUS. » in collaboration with his friend Deniz Johnson for Defora Records.



Deniz Pic 1Deniz Johnson is an Belgian artist based in Brussels. After producing and mixing on hip hop for a long time, he started his electronic music career in 2011 at Dali's Bar and at underground after parties in Brussels. He then quickly became the resident dj at the legendary Wax Club (Brussels). Since then, he has performed in some of the most famous Belgian clubs like Fuse, The Wood, La Rocca and more recently at Club Vaag & Bpm. In 2016, he becomes one of resident dj of ZODIAK Club in Brussels. He's also part of projects such as Kushroom (w / Hokus), Manianym (w / Bankro), Noss_Noss (w / Rone Akassri) & MUS. (w/ Murvin Jay)
In 2017, he joined the collective and agency Deep House Belgium with artists like Kosinski, Lumo, Nolah. On the production side, he has worked on some unreleased bootlegs and tracks that he uses into his dj sets. Currently Deniz proudly presents a complete Hard Twist EP «  MUS. » in collaboration with his friend Murvin Jay for Defora Records.



S & KSakdat & Balaur is a talented duo of producers formed in early 2016 in Roman, Romania. After years of solo experience in music production and DJing , they joined forces and started making music together for the pleasure of many underground music lovers. With the support of other rising talents in the Romanian minimal scene and around the globe, their sound keeps evolving into an innovative blend of deep, minimal, dub and techno. Sakdat & Balaur's debut EP on Defora Records includes 3 amazing original tracks that perfectly represent their unique style. Their second EP is scheduled to be released later in 2018!



10945792_1066489943385267_4425499682114976497_oMirel (aka Mirel Becheanu) is a very talented and passionate dj/producer from Romania.
Mirel’s artistic ability is to express inner emotions through the arrangements of deep and minimal grooves, blending hip hop with dub influences and developing his musical vision towards a world of break-beats sprinkled with atmospheric and intricate textures. His first release (DFR019) on the label includes 3 original tracks that perfectly describe Mirel’s distinct style and it’s the first of two EPs that will be released in 2018 on Defora Records.



avikalAvikal (aka Simone Pugliese) is a dj/producer from Milan. He started his dj carreer as the resident dj for several iconic parties in the Milan club scene like ODD, Top Town, Scream Kollektiv, A Dose of. Trough the years he established himself as a dj with a solid reputation, also playing at international gigs in Ibiza, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Zurich and Berlin just to mention a few. In 2016 Avikal start to work at his own productions in the studio. The first official release is a remix for Ricky Leo's "Apple Gate" out on Spades/We Move label, produced in collaboration with Defora Records' founder Manipolato. In 2017 they release their first EP together "Life on the Run" (DFR011). Currently Avikal is also part of the Milan based project Scream Kollektiv.



17309492_778369629003754_6888180556176209947_n copySound Shapes is the music collaboration between dj/producers Simone Nai and Christian Zauner. Both based in Milan but with Thai and Romanian roots, the started working together in the studio in 2016 after building their individual skills playing in the Milan club scene (Telescope,Strike, A Dose of, Port Royal). Sound Shapes debut EP was released in 2017 on Defora Records and it features two original tracks filled with deep and spiritual vibes.



18670956_807513189403566_8570675422305974574_nDiesel Fx aka Matteo Pagnoncelli, is an italian Tech-House producer based in Milan. He started at a very young age to be interested in electronic music and to experiment with music production. Since 2014 he's also playing as a dj in clubs as he continues to work hard in the studio to refine his own style, focused on tech-house and deep-tech productions. His first release is the track "Galeno" released in 2017 on a Basswalk Records compilation. Diesel FX debut ep "Moon Landing" is out now on Defora Records with 3 original tracks plus remixes by J-CO and Manipolato.



COSMOODCosmood (aka Edoardo Graziadei) is a young Italian DJ/Producer. Born in the Italian alps area, his passion for music started at a very young age with a special interest for disco and electronic music. In 2016 he founded together with Andrea Lanzi, the Astoria Alpine Club parties. Cosmood musical style is an elegant blend of deep and micro house, well represented in his debut EP "Our Reality" on Defora Records, featuring 2 original tracks plus a remix by label founder Manipolato.




polluxPOLLUX is the side-project from Turin based producer Teo Gomez, also founder of Woody Records. All Pollux releases (DFR005/DFR010/DFR017) perfectly represent the minimal / deep techno side of Defora Records, hypnotic grooves with a dark twist!



doctors-on-board-artworkDoctors on Board is the obscure Deep Techno / electronic music project between two producers also knows as Doctor S & Doctor L. Their style is a blend of cinematic soundscapes with techno roots beat elements and their debut single "Unprotected" (DFR009) was released in the fall of 2016 on Defora Records.



unnamedBorn in Sarajevo in 1989, he starts to play in the local club scene in 2007 as a young and passionate DJ with a selection of rare to find underground grooves. In 2014 his first single as DJ Keon “Gone Surfing” was released on Balkan Connection Tech. In 2017 he’s back on Defora Records with a new single filled with minimal, ambient and dub soundscapes. This release also includes a smooth remix by Enggenier. 



dz-loveDZ LOVE is a Deep House music project from producers Latino Pellegrini (aka Manipolato) and Dzenita Salihovic (aka DZ). The DZ LOVE sound is filled with good deep vibes, old school grooves and is perfectly described in their two sexy releases out on Defora Records: "Suck my Baby" featuring Gaston (DFR003) and the "Only Love" EP (DFR006)



msMÖRRIS & SÖMMER is an anonymous duo of possibly german producers and their music is as mysterious as their roots. Their sound is a mix of underground house with echoes of indie rock and new wave. Their first EP "Please" (DFR001) it was also Defora Records very first release in 2016, featuring remixes by Manipolato & DZ Love.